Thursday, 24 November 2016

Athletics Reflection

Description: Yesterday we had athletics So today our teachers told us to do a Reflection.
What was the most enjoyable part of athletics for you? Why? 
My most enjoyable part of athletics is when you come last place people still cheer you up.

What are you really proud of? Why?
Discus because I was scared I wasn't out of the concrete circle.

What was the most challenging part? Why?
The long distance because I don't have good stamina.

Where to now? What are your goals for next time? Why do you want to focus on this? 
Vortex because I always throw too late.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Maths Term 4

Description: This term we have been learning how to compare using graphs in maths. Graphs are very important in the so we could compare what's popular and how much did something cost from 2011 to 2016 like for example cocaine might have costed $120 per gram in 2011 and in 2016 it might have costed $300 per gram. So James our teacher gave us a task to design a graph to compare whatever we wanted. So I got into a of group 2 and we decided to compare with illegal drugs to see how much they costed in New Zealand from 2011 to 2016.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Writing Advertisements

Description: This term for writing we have been learning to write an ad to persuade people to buy usless items in life that people will never use like a box we have to either choose to do a T.V ad or a radio ad we had to have humor in the advertisements to make people entertained me and Jacob made a T.V ad because we wanted to make it humorous.

My Writing 

Monday, 14 November 2016

Market Day Et Reo

Description: This term for ET Reo we had to make a video or PuppetPal about what your selling on Market Day we made a PuppetPal about selling albums because that's what we sold on the day this is the word albums in Maōri huainanga.


Description: This term we had market day, Market Day is a day where the whole school sells there product to people in the school first we get into a group of three then the school gives each group a $20 budget to buy items to make our products our group decided to make albums for people to buy in our group we have Me, Mike, And Houston after that we have to choose a coach to help us make our product our coach was Nic because Nic knows a lot about music.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

PAT Test Maths

Description: PAT is when you find out where you are in your age in New Zealand in the test there are 9 stanines the stanines show where you are in your year group there is 41 questions in the test this year I got 37 correct which means I'm in stanine 9.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Risk Action Plan Coaching Session

Description: Today was my first coaching session my students were Cohen and Shaun we talked about there most riskiest thing in their learning and made a Action plan to achieve there risk in there learning.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Kapa Haka Northern Cluster

Description: This term our Kapa Haka group went to the regent to perform with Northern Cluster Schools. The Northern Cluster are schools from the northern part of Palmerston North. These are some schools from the Northern Cluster Parkland, Winchester, Ross Intermediate, Roslyn, Milson, Saint Mary's, Whakaronga And Russell Street School. I was in the band playing the keyboard for the performance. We played Hall Of Fame but we changed the chorus and we changed it into Panekiretanga.
What are you most proud of and why?
I am most proud of playing in front of a huge audience because it's really embarrassing if you muck up.

What challenged you the most and why?
Trying not to muck up or I would be embarrassed.

What do you need to work on next time and why?
I need to work on getting the intro right last time I came in too late.

Feedback: I like how you included all of the other schools in your description. Mike
Feedforward: This post is up to standard.

Evaluation: I think this post is up to standard too.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Calendar Art

Description: This term we finished making our calendar, Calendar art is when you make a piece of art for your calendar. Every year the school sells our calendars everybody have to do a piece of art for their calendar after we finish our art the teachers grab our art and make it into a calendar so your family could buy your art. This year we based our art on the artist Eric Carle.
Feedback: I like you art it is very unique. Mike Sung
Feedforward: There is nothing wrong with this post. Mike Sung

Evaluation: I agree with Mike that this post is up to standard.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Writing With Elly

Description: This term for writing I had a focus on sentences in our writing. I had to learn three types of sentences to learn Simple sentence, compound sentence, and complex sentences. Simple sentences are when sentences with a verb and a adjective This is a simple sentence The lion roared in pain. A compound sentence is two simple sentences joined together with a joining word FANBOYS is a way to remember joining words. F is for, for A is for and, N is for nor, B is for but, O is for or, Y is for yet, S is for so. This is a compound sentence I have an XBOX and I play on it everyday. A complex sentence is a simple sentence joined together with another sentence that does not make sense on it's own. This is a complex sentence with a adverbial phrase The lion roared in pain, running in circles.
Feedback:I like how you gave an example of each sentence.
Feedforward: I think it is great!!!!!

Evaluation: I agree with Alex I have done my best and this post is up to standard.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Weather With Troy

Description: Our last science rotation was with Troy learning about the weather about like Tornados, lightning and stuff Me Jayden and Mike choose our experiment was to study volcanoes so we brought a 1.5 liter diet coke and Mentos mints. We dropped the Mentos into the coke to watch it erupt here's a video to show our learning we learned about how volcanoes erupted, formed, and how they affect the planet.


Volcanoes are formed when magma from within the Earth's upper mantle works its way to the surface. At the surface, it erupts to form lava flows and ash deposits. Over time as the volcano continues to erupt, it will get bigger and bigger.

Volcanoes erupt because of density and pressure. The lower density of the magma relative to the surrounding rocks causes it to rise (like air bubbles in syrup). It will rise to the surface or to a depth that is determined by the density of the magma and the weight of the rocks above it

Here is how volcanos work

Volcanoes are just a natural way that the Earth and other planets have of cooling off and releasing internal heat and pressure. 

As the magma rises, bubbles start to form from the gas dissolved in the magma. The gas bubbles exert tremendous pressure. This pressure helps to bring the magma to the surface and forces it in the air, sometimes to great heights.

It's sort of like the bubbles of gas in a bottle of soda. Before you open the soda you don't see many bubbles because the pressure in the bottle keeps the gas dissolved in the soda. When you open the bottle the pressure is released and the gas bubbles leave the soda. If you shake up the bottle first, the soda gets pushed out by the bubbles of gas as they rush out. 

Here is how volcanoes are affecting the planet: 

There are two things to think about. The first is how the weather near an erupting volcano is being affected. The second is how large eruptions will affect the weather/climate around the world. I think more people are worried about the second issue than the first.

The main effect on weather right near a volcano is that there is often a lot of rain, lightning, and thunder during an eruption.  This is because all the ash particles that are thrown up into the atmosphere are good at attracting/collecting water droplets. We don’t quite know exactly how the lightning is caused but it probably involves the particles moving through the air and separating positively and negatively charged particles.

Another problem in Hawai’i involves the formation of vog, or volcanic fog.  The ongoing eruption there is very quiet, with lava flowing through lava tubes and then into the ocean.  Up at the vent is an almost constant plume of volcanic fume that contains a lot of sulfur dioxide. This SO2 combines with water in the atmosphere to form sulfuric acid droplets that get carried in the trade winds around to the leeward side of the Big Island. The air quality there has been really poor since the eruption started in 1983 and they are getting pretty tired of it.

As for the world-wide affects of volcanic eruptions this only happens when there are large explosive eruptions that throw material into the stratosphere.  If it only gets into the troposphere it gets flushed out by rain.

The effects on the climate haven’t been completely figured out. It seems to depend on the size of the particles (again mostly droplets of sulfuric acid). If they are big then they let sunlight in but don’t let heat radiated from the Earth’s surface out, and the net result is a warmer Earth (the famous Greenhouse effect). If the particles are smaller than about 2 microns then they block some of the incoming energy from the Sun and the Earth cools off a little. That seems to have been the effect of the Pinatubo eruption where about a 1/2 degree of cooling was noticed around the world. Of course that doesn’t just mean that things are cooler, but there are all kinds of effects on the wind circulation and where storms occur.

An even more controversial connection involves whether or not volcanic activity on the East Pacific Rise (a mid-ocean spreading center) can cause warmer water at the surface of the East Pacific, and in that way generate an El Nino. Dr. Dan Walker here at the University of Hawai’i has noticed a strong correlation between seismic activity on the East Pacific Rise (which he presumes indicates an eruption) and El Nino cycles over the past ~25 years.

You might try this, but do it outside...

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Book Buddies

Description: This term for our reading we are having something in our learning called book buddies, Book buddies is when you get together with your book buddy (Which is a person that is the same reading level as you) and sometimes you get with your buddy and you talk about the book that you are reading ( Which has to be the same book as you) You have to be at the same chapter as your book buddy. So you could talk about the same thing as your buddy. My buddy is Mike because he is the same reading level as me. Sometimes we have to meet with our coach which is Nic. Our coach helps us with our and tasks to complete about the book.

Well done Finis and Mike, I enjoyed watching and listening to your discussions about Weir-Do and Going Solo. You have worked really well as book buddies and I have enjoyed being your coach. If we continue Book buddies next term, keep striving to challenge yourself to "put yourself into the learning pit" by either choosing a challenging text or choosing challenging follow up tasks. Really stretch yourselves.

Evaluation: I think that this post is up to standard but I don't agree that the slide I think Me and Mike should Evidence more on our slide.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Description: Every year there is a event called Mathex, Mathex is a event where primary schools from around the Manawatu send at least 4 teams 2 year 5 teams and 2 year 6 teams to do math. Each team has 5 people. Well technically it's 4 but each team has a reserve in case somebody got sick on the day. On the day Carncot tied second with Hokowhitu and Winchestor came first. We came 20th on the day and the other team came 39th coming 20th is a achievement because there were 51 teams in the year 6 group. The year 5 teams got 21st and second which is pretty good. In Mathex it felt pretty stressful especially in the quick fire because the more questions you get right the more points your team gets Try and solve this Mathex question!
FeedBack: I like how you explained what you need to do. Edward
Feedforward: Maybe you can explain what it is like. Edward

Evaluation: Yeah I agree with Edward to explain what it's like so I added it to my description.

Monday, 15 August 2016


 Description: This terms goal for the school is Panekiretanga which means excellence in Maori we had to make a slide talking about how to show excellence, examples of excellence, and to make goals to help us improve on showing excellence.

Feedback: Nice description. Billy
FeedFoward: I think you need to make your description bigger. Billy

Evaluation: I don't know what's wrong with this post.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

SLC Reflection

SLC Reflection 

1) How do you think you did on your SLC? What was the highlight?
I think I did well on my SLC my highlight was sharing my learning.

2) What did you do differently to make your SLC stand out?
I didn't muck up like not saying that much ums.

3) How will you make your Home Led Conference in Term 3 be awesome? What things might you do to make it awesome?
Maybe talking slowly because I always talk Fast.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Algebra With Matchsticks

Description: Today for math we did algebra with matchsticks we had to create our own questions and answer questions and making formulas to help us with the question.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

ET Reo

Description: This term for ET Reo We are learning stuff we use or eat on the dining table. Or we are learning the song aoteara by Stan Walker and then you have to some how show what you have been doing.Et Reo is the people that don't do Kapa Haka on a Monday afternoon. ET Reo is when we learn Maori words and other stuff. I made a puppet pal about learning Maori words we use on a dining table.
Feedback: I like how you didn't leave the characters so you know who's talking. Juven
FeedForward: Next time you could get the right Pronouceiation for the puppet pal. Juven

Evaluation: I agree with what Juven says because most of our Pronouceiation is not right there yet.

Monday, 20 June 2016


Description: Konichwa this term every Thursday half if us are learning Japanese and the other half learns drama and then we swap around. Our teacher is Kelly. In Japanese we learn about the culture, language, and how to write. I have learned how to count to 10 and write to 10 in Japanese already this is how. Ichi Ni San She or Yon Go Rocko Nana Hachi Kyuu Juu and this is how you write in Japanese. 一 二 三 四 五 六七 八 九 十.
Feedback: I like how you have the Japanese writing and nz writing beside it. Jack W
FeedForward: There is nothing wrong with this post. Jack W

Evaluation: I agree wth Jack W that this post is pretty good but I think I could talk more about the description.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Moon Science

Description: Today is the last day of science about studying about the moon with Nic. In the past few weeks we have been studying about the moon. Like learning about blood moons and stuff. The first week we were with Nic we made a video about what we think we know about the moon. And today we made a video to improve on our last video about the moon.
Feedback: Good job finis I like how in your description you put what I used to know and what I now know. Sam M
FeedForward: Maybe next time you could have a bigger description to explain more about Nics moon inquiry. Sam M

Evaluation: I think I did well on talking about the moon and solar and lunar eclipses Next time I could talk about blood moons and stuff.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Cross Country Goal

This is my goal for cross country "To Get Into The Top 15".