Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Science experiment

Today we did a science experiment about temperture. The first cup was freezing cold water the second one was room temperature water and the 3rd one was hot water.

That cold one was nuts it was just like putting your hand on a ice berg for 1 hour. I love the warm one it was awesome the medium one was about normal water.

When I put both of my hands in the medium temperature water, my hands went tingley.

Using a thermometer is much better telling temperature.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Holiday PMI


- I went to watch the Lego movie.
- Every Monday I go to boys high school to play badminton.
- At my grandma and grandads I played 1 hour video games.


- On the xbox I didn't beat champion.
- I had a heart attack when I was jogging with my brother.
- I had to eat disgusting porridge.


- At my grandma and grandads my dad found a dead cat.
- My brother and me kept on getting into arguments
- My brother was getting greedy as a pig.