Thursday, 27 August 2015

Pop Art Portfolio Post

Description: Every Thursday afternoon There are 3 groups there is pop art with Kate drama with Rebbeca and passion project with Suzanne you could only get in Suzzanes if you are on self directed wall I got into Kate's because I'm in troys class pop art is a tipe of art that has 4 columns and must be bright like red and yellow. Pop art is art with an image in it but that can be any colour but it has to be bright. Pop art was popular in 1950's in Britain. Our art was based on art by Andy Warhol. 
Big Idea We can't have the same colour next to the column next to it. I choose an image that is a badminton logo because I like playing badminton. We had to first draw the logo on a piece of card and then we had to cut it out. Then we had to get a bigger piece of paper and draw in into 4 squares. We used the card to make it accurate. Then we started painting and I choose different colour sin each square to make it look good. We used bright colors to make it stand out. 

Feedback I like the way you put down the other activities.
Feedforward Next time you can talk about what your painting is about.

Evaluation I liked how I have most of the colour said added in Next time I could paint more carefully.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Wearable Arts

Description: Every Friday term 3 we have been doing wearable at the start of the term we had to choose which theme There was elements heros and villains and out of Africa my first choice was heros and villains and second was out of Africa I got into out of Africa we had to make our costume that is related to African stuff but we had to make it out of other stuff for example cardboard.
I am still papier mâché my horns which I still need to do 2 more layers I have been making a spear too I've made the spears staff part out of cardboard and I 'm going to make the sharp part out of tinfoil and the horns are made of a Ice cream box and toilet rolls.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Reading Banned

Description: This is my tic tac toe I'm doing for this week I did one about weird things being banned from around the world for example there was a ban in Singapore for chewing gum! Thats weird right? I am in questioning so I had to come up with as many questions about it.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Reading Portfolio Sample T3

Description: Every week we have to do 3 tic tac toes (activities) and we have summarizing and questioning. I am in questioning in questioning you have to ask questions to help us understand more of the story. 1 of the tic tac toes have to go up on your blog. So this is the tic tac toe I did.I did 1 about kiwi kids news about the house in the cliff.

Big Idea:These are my questions I did 10 we have to come up as many questions as possible because in questioning your goal is about asking questions my next goal may be getting up to 20 questions.
How long did it take to build the house in the cliff?

How much money did it take to build the house?

Which cliff is the house in?

Why Did'nt they build a normal house?

How High is the cliff?

Why is there a pool on top of the bedroom?

How are'nt they scared of living on the cliff?

Where do they get there food from?

How big is the house?

What is the house made of?
Evaluation: I think I had really specific questions and I could improve on getting at least 20 questions
Feedback You did really well on ideas in this perfect tic tac toe.Connor
Feedforward Mabye all you need is a little bit more detail.Connor