Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

Description: This Term in Maths our focus on Maths is multipacation and division every Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday morning after morning tea we do Maths we have 2 Maths workshops, workshops are when we do strategies and work out Maths problems and other stuff with teachers teaching us and we have all kinds of workshops depending on how good you are on Maths the harder it is I am in Troy b if you don't have a workshop you do strategy with your stage book I am on stage 7 which is the highest book in the class and at last we do multipacation and you have to book yourself into a multipacation workshop but if you are on a roll (Which Is me) you don't need to book into a multipacation workshop because you already know your times tables and you can do multipacation games.
Big Idea For the question we had to come up with 2 strategies I choose Reversibility and Known Facts because they were best for me and The way you do reversibility is for example 172 divide 32 you times 32 with something like 10 which equals 320 and if we half it,it equals 160 then add another 32 which equals 192 so thats the answer in known facts we all know what's 1x32=32 then double that which equals 64 then double that which equals 128 then plus 64 which equals 192 the reason why was because the school can't leave 12 people walking so they had to hire another bus.

Feedback: I like how you described you're big idea and description. William b
Feedfoward: Next time you could put more describing of the question that you worked out. William b

Evaluation I liked how I described the questions next time I could explain more on the question.