Friday, 23 October 2015

Reading Follow Up

This our reading follow up is to write about Paula's dad in prison and we had to write a letter with a photo and what is going on in school and home.
To the FBI prison 
Dear dad nothing is wrong in school everything
is perfectly normal except for the furniture which 
everything has cuts on it because of the FBI
in school my exams were terrible and Reverned Izumi
Was arrested why?

Monday, 19 October 2015

Pre Reading

What made you choose this book?
 When I first read the back of the book I heard that this book is about world war 2 and I like violence books.
What appeals to you?
The bombs and the barbed wires 
What hooked you in I knew that war books should have violence and other stuff that's so that is what hooked me in.

If this is a war books name is called This land we call home 
why shouldn't it sound more sad and war like? instead of this land we call 

Cover Design 
When I looked at this cover I think this would have sad
endings and destroyed houses by the bombs.

I think this story is set in Pearl Harbor and I know that this story is about 
world war 2 because it said on the back. I think that there's war between
Japan and another country because this story is in Japan, so that's why
I think there's war. 

The first thing I saw on the cover was the cherry blossom so 
I knew that there was gonna be somthing Japanese in this book 
and the bombs on the side so I knew that this book was about war

Discovery Time

Today in Discovery Time I played a game that was half rip rugby and half American football.

I showed Agency by playing by the rules in the game.

I showed excellence by listening to others 

I showed creativity by making other rules 
Next time in D.T(Discovery Time) I might do minecraft