Thursday, 26 November 2015

Building With Nic

Today we have accomplished making the legs of the chair and helped other people make chairs
And stuff like that and started to make the base of the chair.


Description:In inquiry I am in building with Nic we have to build something that will make the school better I decided to refix the boat in our school because in the front there was a giant hole in the middle and there are heaps of nails sticking out and the front seat was not straight. 3/12/15 we have finished the boat and first we thought of making a chair but the wood wasn't strong enough to hold our weight so instead we are making are pallet wood Christmas tree.

It will make more kids come and play in it in the future because we fixed it and stuff like that get in the yearbook thinking what awesome kids that fixed the wooden boat and the Christmas tree we built with wood.

I have been thinking outside the box cause nobody has thought of that in a while.
What made you choose this Inquiry? Because I liked doing building and Our wanted to fix the boat so little kids can play in it more often and made a tree because we had time.

What difficulties did you encounter? The part when we had to take the nails out of the wooden boat it was hard because most of the nails were stuck so it was very hard to pull the nail out of the wood and sanding the wood until it was smooth.

What was your proudest moment in your Inquiry? When we finished the boat I felt proud of myself that we fixed it and sanded it to make wood look less old.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Building With Nic 2

What did we today? We cut out the shape we wanted on a thin piece of wood and sanded it and nailed it to the boat.

What did you achieve? We achieved our goal from last week fixed the front seat.

What have you learned when you hammer down the nail you must use all your strength on it.

What was easy? The easy part was to hammer the nails down on to the boat

What was hard? The hard part was to get wood out we don't want.

What are your goals for next week? To repair the front part.

Self Managing Self Directed Self Agency

I think I am a Self Directed learner because I think I could pass Self Managing but I don't think I could be in self agentic so I put myself in self directed and I think that I could get tasks completed on time and being a role model.

The goal that I am currently working on is I can Identify my next learning steps and/or resources I require to meet my next learning need because I don't think I could do those extra steps in my learning.

The things I need to do to achieve this goal are to go further in my learning next time.

Self Managing
Self Directed
Self Agency

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Building With Nic

What did you do today? Today we took the front part off the wooden boat and seat in our school
What did you achieve? We achieved our goal by taking the front seat off and front part as well 
What have you learned?  I learned to how to use tools that I have never used before 

What was easy? The easy part was taking the front seat out
What was hard?The hard part was getting out the nails 

What are your goals for next week? Next week my goal is to get a new piece of wood on the front seat.