Thursday, 23 June 2016

ET Reo

Description: This term for ET Reo We are learning stuff we use or eat on the dining table. Or we are learning the song aoteara by Stan Walker and then you have to some how show what you have been doing.Et Reo is the people that don't do Kapa Haka on a Monday afternoon. ET Reo is when we learn Maori words and other stuff. I made a puppet pal about learning Maori words we use on a dining table.
Feedback: I like how you didn't leave the characters so you know who's talking. Juven
FeedForward: Next time you could get the right Pronouceiation for the puppet pal. Juven

Evaluation: I agree with what Juven says because most of our Pronouceiation is not right there yet.


  1. What a cool Puppetpal! I love how this shows your learning and your pronunciation. It is a bit like a gameshow - you could even have prizes if you did it again!

    1. Thanks Elly but maybe adding prizes is a little bit difficult after all we are still trying to teach people Maori.