Monday, 20 June 2016


Description: Konichwa this term every Thursday half if us are learning Japanese and the other half learns drama and then we swap around. Our teacher is Kelly. In Japanese we learn about the culture, language, and how to write. I have learned how to count to 10 and write to 10 in Japanese already this is how. Ichi Ni San She or Yon Go Rocko Nana Hachi Kyuu Juu and this is how you write in Japanese. 一 二 三 四 五 六七 八 九 十.
Feedback: I like how you have the Japanese writing and nz writing beside it. Jack W
FeedForward: There is nothing wrong with this post. Jack W

Evaluation: I agree wth Jack W that this post is pretty good but I think I could talk more about the description.

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  1. What have you really found challenging while learning a new language? How have you found yourself in the pit? What has been a highlight?