Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Description: Every year there is a event called Mathex, Mathex is a event where primary schools from around the Manawatu send at least 4 teams 2 year 5 teams and 2 year 6 teams to do math. Each team has 5 people. Well technically it's 4 but each team has a reserve in case somebody got sick on the day. On the day Carncot tied second with Hokowhitu and Winchestor came first. We came 20th on the day and the other team came 39th coming 20th is a achievement because there were 51 teams in the year 6 group. The year 5 teams got 21st and second which is pretty good. In Mathex it felt pretty stressful especially in the quick fire because the more questions you get right the more points your team gets Try and solve this Mathex question!
FeedBack: I like how you explained what you need to do. Edward
Feedforward: Maybe you can explain what it is like. Edward

Evaluation: Yeah I agree with Edward to explain what it's like so I added it to my description.

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  1. Thanks for all your ideas and contribution at the workshops Finis. You have grown in accuracy especially in being able to identify the math in complex word problems. Remember to use the ideas of your group and learn to build on them. You team certainly appreciated your ability to calculate some of the tricky equations.