Thursday, 1 September 2016

Writing With Elly

Description: This term for writing I had a focus on sentences in our writing. I had to learn three types of sentences to learn Simple sentence, compound sentence, and complex sentences. Simple sentences are when sentences with a verb and a adjective This is a simple sentence The lion roared in pain. A compound sentence is two simple sentences joined together with a joining word FANBOYS is a way to remember joining words. F is for, for A is for and, N is for nor, B is for but, O is for or, Y is for yet, S is for so. This is a compound sentence I have an XBOX and I play on it everyday. A complex sentence is a simple sentence joined together with another sentence that does not make sense on it's own. This is a complex sentence with a adverbial phrase The lion roared in pain, running in circles.
Feedback:I like how you gave an example of each sentence.
Feedforward: I think it is great!!!!!

Evaluation: I agree with Alex I have done my best and this post is up to standard.

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  1. Finis - you have a great understanding of the difference between simple, compound and complex sentences. I can't wait to see you make deliberate choices as you use this knowledge to impact the reader when you write.