Monday, 29 February 2016


Description: In the last few weeks in poutama.We watched a video about listening and we had to make a group of 3 or 4 then we had to make a video about 30 seconds long.1 of them has to be active listening.And 1 of them has to be a negative kind of listening.(Which is me too or busy listening.)Our group had Me,Lachlan,Mike, and Telaina.Busy Listening is when you don't care what the other persons is saying.Me Too listening is when you don't.Want to listen about what the other person is talking about. And talk about yourselve.Active listening is when you have eye contact and look.At the person and listen to what he's talking about and Ask. Questions about it.
Big Idea: We decided to challenge ourselves we choose to do all types of listening first we had to do the recording and next.We had to edit the video because the video had to be below 30 seconds.And then we put it on YouTube We made it so everyone got a turn at recording and being in the video.

Feedback: I like how our video is under 30 seconds.
FeedForward: In the video you can not really hear what you are saying.

Evaluation: To improve my video I could at the start say what the video is about to improve my listening. I could do eye contact to look at the person and ask questions.About what did they do and stuff.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Treaty Of Waitangi

Description: The last 2 weeks was Waitangi Day in New Zealand.It is about the treaty that the Māoris signed.Our teachers told us to make something to teach people about it.And we had to decide which part of the rubric it is.On the rubric there is Pre,Uni,Multi,Relational,And Extended Abstract Pre is I do not include any information about the Treaty of Waitangi.Uni is I include 1 or 2 simple facts.About the Treaty of Waitangi.Multi is I include more than 3 pieces about the Treaty of Waitangi.Relational is I am able to connect 3.Or more ideas about the Treaty of Waitangi.Extended abstract I am able to go beyond the ideas of the Treaty of Waitangi.And apply them to real world problems and situations.
Big Idea: We decided to do it on Minecraft to challenge ourselves.First we got some facts about the Treaty of Waitangi then.We had to decide where we should be on the rubric.We decided to be in the multi section.Which was get 3 or more facts about the Treaty of Waitangi.This Was one of the questions.How many chiefs did not sign the treaty of waitanghi?
Answer Out of 567 39 didn't sign the treaty.

Feedback:I like how you used Minecraft as a learning tool with the treaty of Waitangi a two choice option. Kyan
FeedForward: I think you could add some more facts and make them look the same so they don't break the iron door. Kyan

Evaluation: I think I need to challenge myself more on the rubric and go for the relational.Or maybe make more than 5 questions in the quiz .And make it harder for them to see.If it is wrong which is death.And if correct the player gets to live and go on to the.Next question this is where I was on The Rubric.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

New Years Resolution

W.A.L.T Set Goals

Description: We are doing a New Years Resolution for 2016.The word we choose will help us with our learning throughout the year. My word is organization so I could get organized in time before Maths,Writing,Or Reading Starts so I could be ready for anything and not finding pens and pencils before learning starts or any other things.