Thursday, 31 March 2016

Camp Gone Wrong Writing

Description:For this term our teachers told us to chose our favourite piece of writing that was finished and make a blog post for our Student Led Confernce I choose my latest piece 'Camp Gone Wrong' it's about when we went to El Rancho and how it went wrong.This is a fiction which means it's not real. This I chose this piece because I think it's the funniest and the longest to challenge myself. This is a part of the story - 'the cars came hitting us like eggs hitting rocks.' Keep reading to find out more about the story.

Published Version  

Today is the day I am finally going to El Rancho. Staying for 4 days and 3 nights. We are at the courts of Russell Street School. With our backpacks and suitcases. Our teachers are doing a roll call. Ready to go on the bus to Waikanae El Rancho. On the way disaster struck the bus suddenly stopped. Cars came crashing into us like eggs hitting rocks. The entire bus was screaming in fear. One minute later the crashing stopped the bus driver stepped out to see what the heck happened. It seemed like the bus had two flat tyres and we only had one replacement tyre.That means we had to wait for a tow truck to come. But that will take hours so we decided to walk there and even bad news. It was raining.This has become a bad day.

Two hours later we arrived in El Rancho soaking wet. We were all shivering. All of the classes were already finished discovering El Rancho and were making their cabins. So we had to skip all of that stuff and move on to our activities. My first activity was swimming. In our activity group there is Brandon, Toby, Logan, Trey, Kate, Marion, Ruby, and Mason. We were all just in the pool playing until our first problem came. Brandon challenged Trey to a diving contest to see who could jump the furthererest. Before the adults could stop them splash! Those fools jumped into the water before looking that the pool was only 1.15 meters deep. Clonk their heads hit the ground.When they came out both of them had a large lump on their heads. There were cries of laughter. While they were sent to the nurses we walked to our next activity which was archery. Then the second disaster hit. Devin shot the instructor's stomach. The room filled with screams. Someone had to dial 111. So the archery was cut short. Day after day disaster struck. It kept on happening. In Mini Golf Marion hit the ball so hard that it went flying through the air and hit Toby's private part. On the bright side she still got a birdie (Which is a hole in 1). On the water slide some idiot didn't listen and put his hand on the side of the slide. It caused friction and his hand went on fire. In rifles I shot Logan's hand when he went to get his target.When we went horse riding the horse kicked me in the private part. In low ropes Toby tried to hang on to a wire but instead he broke his back. In kayaking Brandon fell into the water and couldn't  swim back and had to be rescued. In rafts Trey tried to catch a trout but it broke his arm and in team intiative Kate tripped over and and went headfirst into the wall. We were all tired in the 4 days and today we are going home in bruises and Injures I have learned my lesson that never go on camp and that's how camp went wrong.    

Feedback:Good description Billy.
Feedfoward:Make the photo clearer Billy.

Evaluation: Thanks I would make the photo clearer next time and I think next time I would add more to what happened in camp.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Family Tree Et Reo

Description: Every Monday there is Kapa Haka the people who don't go to Kapa Haka goes to Et Reo to learn Maori For Et Reo we have been doing a family tree.We are making a family tree to learn more about ourselves and we have to translate it into Maori for example.We have to translate dad into papa which is the Maori word for dad.
Grandma is Kuia Grandpa is Koro Dad is PaPa Mum is MaMa Uncle is Matua KeKe Auntie is Whaea KeKe Teina is younger brother of a boy which is my brother and kaihana is cousin.

Feedback I like how you described what the Maori words meant at the end. 
FeedForward Next time you could add the names of the people.

Evaluation: Next time for my family tree like what my buddy said that I could add more names of the people and learn more people in my family.

Camp 2016 Portfolio

Description: Last Tuesday we went to El Rancho in Waikanae for camp. At first we did discover El Rancho then we went to our cabins and organized it.We had to do stay for 3 nights and 4 days.We had to do 10 activities Pool,Archery,Mini Golf,Water Slide,Rifles,Horse Riding,Low Ropes, Kayaking, Rafting,and Team Intiative.We also did slip and slide but unfortunately it's not a activity.Our cabin group had Jacob W, Max B, Shaiv T, Mike S, Jake C, Tom H, Juven J, And me. The only person that wasn't there was Shaiv because he was sick.On Wednesday morning we walked to the beach some people went swimming and some people didn't go and at night we made a bonfire and made smoars and played spotlight. On the last day Friday we packed up and traveled to Levin and went to the adventure park and at 3:00pm we went back to Russell Street School.

FeedBack: I like how you have got lots of information in your photos.

FeedForward:maybe make the photos bigger.

Friday, 4 March 2016

One Word Portfolio Post 2016

Description: At the start of school we had to come up with a one word for 2016 to be our goal for the year.My one word is organization I choose that because I most likely lose stuff at school like my stationary.Then we did a piece of art with it.We first our teacher took a photo of us pretending to hold a sign.Then we had to practice writing our word while being creative.We then did our word on a clear piece of paper and then we put our art on the hands of the picture to make it look like we are holding the picture.
Feedback: I like the way your words are big and bold because then you can see them on the wall maybe from room 12.
FeedForward: Maybe you need to smile in your next photo like that.

Evaluation:I choose this word because I could lose less things like my stationary and will help me organize in school.Next time I think need to think more creative in my art and not just have only 1 colour on each letter in my art.

Goals For Camp

Description:Today we have been doing our camp goals for El Rancho which is in a few days.We have to have a personal goal and a active goal.The goals must be your one word for 2016.My one word is organization.A personal goal is about yourself and the active goal is about the activity we are doing.