Monday, 30 May 2016

Stage 7 Test

Description: A few weeks ago we did a stage seven knowledge test to see where we were in maths right now because last time I pasted stage 5 and then pasted stage 6 last time when I did the stage seven test I got 38% there are 50 questions in each test each question you get correct equals 2% in the test and you have to get past 80% which means you have to get 40/50 questions correct this time I got 46%.
Evaluation: I think I was pretty proud of myself getting into stage 7 my goal is to get past stage 7.

Feedback: I like how you said that where we were at. Because that's a good piece of information. Mike
Feedforward: I wonder if you could add some more description to your evaluation. Mike 

Friday, 27 May 2016


Description: This year for we have 3 topics Moon with Nic, Weather with Troy, And Plants With Elly. Right now we have nearly finished plants with Elly. In plants with Elly we studied about plants. We at least had more then 4 plants. We had to do everything the same except for one thing our group decided the one thing would be what we water them with. We water each plant differently one was shower water, one was sugared water, one was tap water, and the last one was rain water.

FeedBack: I like how you description was clear and you told us all the activities.Mike
Feedforward: I wonder if next time you could do your evaluation.Mike

Evaluation: Next time I could maybe add more photos on the days and water my plants often because we mucked up one day and rain water got on all of our plants.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Fraction Checkpoint

Description: In maths we have been doing something called a fraction checkpoint. Our teacher gave us a worksheet full of fractions we had to work out all of them these are my answers in the questions.


Description: Today I writed a sentence using a metaphor. A metaphor is like a simile but metaphor uses are or is and a simile contains a like or as this is my metaphor "The lava inside the volcano is a pot of boiling water" and other one is " The hammer is a instrument of torture.

Note Taking

Description: In our workshop we have been learning about note taking is a way that journalists record information it is a fast way of writing interviews and other stuff. You write stuff in a shortened way like information can be turned into info and you could be turned into u like that stuff. We had to write about why people think the moon landings were fake this is one piece of information "Nobody Has Been To The Moon Since 1972.
Evaluation: Next time for me I think I need to add more information about how people think NASA faked the moon landings.

Feedback: I like how you made your description clear so I could understand at once.
Feedforward: This post is up to standard I can't think of a feedforward.


Description: Today Is my last session of handwriting because I think I am 3 and above in Acurracy, Legibal, And Speed this is Tuesday's on handwriting.

Thursday, 19 May 2016


Description: Today in math I played a game called Skoolbo on the IPad I did order of operations which has bed maths in it and decimal multiplication this is my account.


Description: Our workshop for today was scanning scanning is a type of skill where you find the specific parts of an article here is my scanning.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Description: Today I did a poem on the internet to prove my timing in handwriting I got halfway in the poem.


Description: Today I'm finishing off spelling cause I learnt all of them I had to spell my words I don't know one letter by one.


Description: This term we are doing science there are 3 groups.There is moon with Nic, The weather with Troy, Plants with Elly.Everyone is gonna have a turn at everything.In plants with Elly we have to have at least more than 4 plants.Everything is the same except for 1 thing.Our group decided that we water them differently here is the first day of watering.

Monday, 16 May 2016


Description: We had to do a summary of a story of a woman that returned a book 68 years late imagine that! a summary is when you get the parts of a story this the summary.


Description: Today we I played which included skimming it was a game called trapped we had to fling a sling shot to the right but first there is a book you have to skim to answer questions.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Equal Fractions

Description: Today in math I played a game where you needed to match that equal the same I bet every level so it was a huge achievement.

Monday, 9 May 2016

The Answer Is Moon

Description: On Monday we had a workshop we had a task to come up with questions and the answer is moon these are my questions.

Spelling Test

Description: At the start of the term we all had a spelling test with 300 simple words we most likely use in our writing 296/300 which I got 4 words wrong in the spelling test which is a very good score for me and that means I don't need to learn much.
Evaluation: Next time in the spelling test my goal is to get 100% in the whole thing.

Maths Fractions

Description: Today For math we did some fractions and did something different than jelly slice so I made fraction questions and made my work it here's one of them.

Thursday, 5 May 2016


Description: Recently in math we have been doing fractions I played on this game called jelly slice it was a game where you had slice jelly in halves to beat the level and stuff like that I got up to level 16 today.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Buddy Art

Description: This term in our buddy class we did something called buddy art. We had to do Sarah Platt. So first our teachers copied the real art cut it into tiny squares. We used those squares and copied it on our think books to practice. After we practiced we did it on a real piece of paper and copied it on there. At last we combined them all to make the real art. It didn't look the same because we didn't have the exact same height and stuff me and my buddy used paint to colour.
Evaluation: The art was hard but I think I did good job I tried hard and did my best next time could use something like pastels.

Monday, 2 May 2016


Description: In our maths workshop today we were working on our fraction we had to answer a question and show it on a graph.

Term 2 Labels

These are my labels for term 2